Oriana is perfect for everyday life activities. Made from a super comfortable nylon elastane outer fabric and a Conni micro-terry gusset, she has your back whatever your day brings.

With absorbency and waterproof protection (gusset and back), these knickers can be used as a back up on heavy days, as the solution on lighter days or be worn every day regardless of menstruation.

She looks and feels just like everyday underwear while offering peace of mind when it is needed.

How To Use

Oriana underwear are designed to be worn without any other menstrual products.

They will absorb approximately 10 ml fluid (2 regular tampons) over an 8 hour period. If you experience more loss than this you can couple Oriana with an Accalia cup, Accalia reusable pad or a tampon.

Alternatively, you can change your Oriana underwear more frequently.