There are many reasons this may be happening, don’t panic, we will run through some possibilities below. Until you get the leaks under control we suggest wearing a pair of Accalia Underwear or an Accalia Menstrual Pad with your cup.

Residual Blood - When you insert your Accalia Cup there will be some residual blood in the vagina, you may be able to wipe this away, otherwise pop on your favourite pair of Accalia underwear or use an Accalia Menstrual Pad to catch the residual blood.

Not sealed or Cup not opened - When you insert your Accalia Cup you need to ensure it is fully opened, below your cervix and sealed in place. To test the cup is open run a finger around the edge then give a little tug on the base to make sure it is sealed in place, it won’t be easy to move down if it is sealed correctly.

Position - Your cervix should be above the menstrual cup opening. Sometimes your Accalia cup can slide up beside your cervix, remove and re-insert it in the correct position below the cervix if this happens.

Size - Perhaps your cup isn’t quite the right fit, everyone has a different shaped anatomy. A general rule of thumb, the S cup for women who are less than 25 years and have not given birth. For all other women, we recommend the L cup.

Empty the cup more often - If you are finding your Accalia cup is leaking after a few hours (or more) of use, perhaps you need to empty your cup more frequently