These little fancy pants are the perfect back up for that time of the month!

Aliya knickers are made from a super comfortable and stretchy nylon elastane outer fabric and an absorbent, waterproof lined Conni micro-terry gusset.

The magic of Aliya is a hidden “bridge” inside the gusset, the bridge is designed to discreetly secure pad wings in while the underwear offers back up for those little “oops” moments.

No matter what age you are, if you wear disposable or reusable pads, Aliya knickers are a must!

How to Use

Aliya underwear is designed to be worn with a menstrual pad with a gusset clip or wings.

Secure the clip or wings around the “bridge” section of the gusset and off you go.

Aliya will keep clips and wings discreet and will capture any little leaks.