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Finding an all-round period product solution for your flow and cycle can be a tough one. This is why the team here at Accalia have made a range that offers an all-round solution and supports most flows and lifestyles. It is important to understand that there is a great variation in “normal” menstrual cycles (check out our previous blog post on the menstrual cycle if you want to know more about your cycle). Loss amount, flow rate and length of cycle can all vary greatly from person to person. Hopefully, this blog will give you an idea of which Accalia solution might best suit your needs.

A common misconception of menstrual underwear is that they can be worn all day. This is usually only practical on those lighter days.

Health care professionals recommend that menstrual underwear and pads are changed as frequently as a disposable menstrual pad, every 4-6 hours throughout the day.

Once menstrual blood leaves your body, it is no longer sterile and is open to the natural bacteria that live on our bodies. As the bacteria digests the menstrual fluid, odor occurs, no different to odour that is caused by natural bacteria breaking down sweat under your arms. No one wants to be uncomfortable, so make sure you change enough to suit your cycle!

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Preparing for your first period

Getting your first period can be daunting, you're told about it at school and by friends and family, but nothing really prepares you for that first bleed. Something you can rely on is Accalia underwear. It is here to get you through that time leading up to and throughout your first period.

Our range will keep you comfortable, confident and protected through this time.

It is always best to be prepared for when the day arrives. We suggest getting your Accalia set ready at the first sign of pending menstruation. 

Oriana Underwear - These are suitable to be worn as everyday underwear in preparation for when the big day arrives. Depending on how often you wash, we suggest 3-5 pairs.

Aliya Underwear - Keep a couple in your drawer at home ready to be worn with the pads on heavier days. Depending on your cycle, 2 to 3 pairs of Aliya should be enough.

Accalia Menstrual Pads - keep a pack in your school bag and a pack in your draw at home. Your Aliya underwear offers a discreet, comfortable place to secure your washable pad wings (Aliya can also be used with disposable pads if required) while offering back up for any leaks you may experience. Using Accalia pads offers ease of change throughout the day.

Eve Nighttime Underwear - If you want the complete solution, grab a couple of pairs of Eve underwear to ensure a comfortable, leak-free sleep.


Predictable, Regular - Heavy flow

What you call heavy, your friend may call light. Many people experience a couple of heavier days of their period before it eases off to a lighter flow. Other people experience extremely heavy menstrual bleeding for days on end. Your flow will determine how many pairs of underwear you will need.

When trying any new menstrual product, it is important to understand that there is a great variation in menstrual cycles.

Flow rate and volume are big factors in how menstrual products will work for you, so you are best to test them at home first!

 If you have a regular to heavy period and know your cycle, then deciding on products will probably be easy for you. There are a couple of great all round solutions:

Solution 1:

Accalia menstrual cup combined with a couple of pairs of Eve or Oriana underwear is a simple but perfect solution for someone who experiences a regular – heavier flow. Many people can get away without needing more than a menstrual cup, however, it’s always handy to have a couple of pairs of underwear as a backup on those heavier days. Accalia menstrual cups are also the answer if you spend time in the water. They are worn internally and are designed to capture your menstrual fluid.

Solution 2:

If a cup isn’t for you, then the best option is Aliya underwear combined with our Accalia Pads for daytime use and Eve for night time. Our Accalia pads are super absorbent and will handle a heavier flow, the best part is, they come in a waterproof bag, so when you’re out and about, it is easy to switch them over and put the used pad into the bag. 

Eve and Oriana underwear can also be used during the day instead of the pads, however, be prepared that you may need to change them throughout the day on your heavy days.


Unpredictable Cycle, Pantyliner Replacement or Really Light Flow

Are you one of those people who never really know when your period is due? Perhaps you are one of the many who needs to wear a panty liner on the days between your periods? Or maybe you only ever get a light spotting for your period? If any of these sounds like you then you need to get yourself a set of our Oriana underwear! 

Oriana is such a versatile addition to your wardrobe! Our ultra-thin technology means they look and feel like regular underwear, while the absorbency and waterproofing mean you can get about your life worry-free. Time to ditch those panty liners and get yourself an eco alternative!

For an unpredictable cycle, we suggest wearing Oriana as your everyday underwear to ensure you are never caught out. Then have other products on hand as required to get you through those heavier days.

If you only experience light spotting, you may be one of the lucky people who can get away without needing to change your underwear/ pad throughout the day, if this is you, then our Eve or Oriana underwear is the perfect solution for you! 

Don’t forget, everyone is different and has different preferences, this information is a guide, we believe that everyone is unique and your personal situation will help you choose the best solution for you.


Still aren’t sure which underwear is going to suit your needs? Grab a trial pack and give them all a go!

Nervous about making the switch to reusables or putting in the investment to try a new product? There is no need, we offer a 60 Day Guarantee! Give them a go and if they just aren’t working for you, we will take them back for an exchange or your money back.


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