We all love the convenient option and when it comes to camping, we often look for products that are going to make things as easy as possible. Problem is, more often than not, convenience isn’t always eco-friendly, cost-effective or healthy.

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Chances are if you’ve made the switch to reusable menstrual products you have done it for one or more of those three points… environmental, financial or health. So, we are here to prove that, even when it comes to camping, you don’t have to sacrifice your menstrual switch and opt for the convenience of disposables.

Your menstrual routine may need to change slightly, but you can still use your Accalia products while camping.

Australians love camping, come long weekends and holidays, people grab a bunch of friends or pack their family up to head bush or to the coast and enjoy some downtime in nature. Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring, eskies are packed, tents are pitched and people enjoy the vast natural lands our country has to offer. If you’re due for your period when one of these trips are coming up, we have covered the key points below to help you prepare for using your Accalia products while camping.

Washing your undies and pads:

  • Where possible, rinse your undies or pads in cold water as soon as you remove them.
  • When it comes time to wash, you can get a great result using a natural washing powder/ liquid in a bucket.
  • After washing, give them a good rinse in freshwater and hang them up to dry! It is that simple.

You will need:

  • Clean water
  • Bucket (a Strucket is a GREAT one!)
  • Washing powder or liquid (preferably eco)

Alternatively, if you’re only going for a few days, rinse your undies and pads, put them in a breathable waterproof bag and wash when you return home.

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Sterilising and washing your cup:

If your period is due mid camping trip and you’re a cup user, sterilise it before you go. Then when you need to use it, boil up a mug of clean water and pop your menstrual cup in for a few minutes before using it.

Don’t boil your cup over a campfire...you can’t regulate the temperature and risk damaging it or dropping it in the flames! When you need to empty your cup and wash it, take a water bottle to give it a good rinse. At the end of your cycle, give it a good wash with soapy water and sterilise when you return home. You can always add it to your waterproof laundry bag.

You will need:

  • Mug for sterilising in
  • Clean water to boil and pop your cup in
  • Something to boil your water
  • Water bottle for rinsing each time you empty your cup

Swimming and water activities:

If your camping trip involves swimming or water activities and you use Accalia undies or pads, it might be time to invest in a menstrual cup!

We would suggest getting used to it at home first so you have a chance to get the hang of inserting and removing the cup without the stress of being out bush.

What if my friends think it’s yuck?

Educate them, tell them it’s more ‘yuck’ chucking a disposable to landfill or worse, in the bush and leaving it there for centuries to break down.

The key to using your Accalia menstrual products while camping is to be prepared before you go. It’s quite a simple process otherwise!

If you have any other questions or need something clarified, please reach out.