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Dear twelve-year-old me,

I remember the day like it happened just yesterday, the day I got my first period. Well, well, well, didn’t it make a grand entrance. Don’t worry, though; you’re not the only one, I realise now, most women had a similar experience when they were younger.

I had just finished my morning recess and was ready to jump into some maths (half-heartedly of course....this over-talkative Gemini was always there for a goss sesh) when I had a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. Call it intuition, but after ‘the talk’ with my mum over the last couple of weeks I instinctively grabbed a pad from my bag and went to the toilet.

“Farrrrrrk” was the only thing I could get out. Going through it in my head, I was quite well educated on periods and wasn’t concerned I was about to bleed out or pass away in the toilets, but, come on, this mess, is it really necessary? Keep calm little me. You’re going to get through this. Underwear check was not ideal, and I was just so glad I had black bike shorts on as well as black undies, oh how I wish now that I was in a pair of Accalia Eve undies, my bike shorts wouldn’t have had a drop on them. I’d packed an overnight purple disposable pad, realistically though, an overnight pad was overkill at this point in my period, but it was a symbol of what was to come.

Sitting in the cubical, cautiously peeling the wrapping off my pad so no one would hear, I started to get an overwhelming surge of anxiety. “Will my friends ask why I took so long?”, “Wait, has anyone else got their periods?”, “Do I smell?” “How long will this pad last?” “Will I need another pad today...I only have one at school.”. I gathered myself together and headed back to class. If only I could go back in time and put little me in some period undies to help ease the anxiety of this moment.

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OF COURSE, as lunchtime rolls around, the cramps start. A taste of what’s to come every month. Sweaty, hot and super uncomfortable, within an hour, I went from living my best life to sitting down the whole time at lunch. Poor little me, I wish you could have known what was to come, but please don’t worry, you’re learning, and it will become second nature over time.

I got through the next three days like a champ, thinking wow it’s not that bad. Oh, honey, you were so WRONG. In time my periods got heavier and more painful, I was able to speak with my GP and work out a way to manage my periods best. I ended up enduring heavy periods most of my young teenage years until I was put on a contraceptive pill to reduce my days off school, pain and heavy flow. Not something that is for everyone of course, but it worked for me. Little me thought she was prepared, and she was as best prepared as anyone could be, but it still comes as a shock.

Would you believe that one day, you’re going to be an adult and look at periods in a whole new light? You’re going to write about them, talk about them and learn everything there is to know about how to manage them. That’s right, one day, periods will be your passion, but for now, they are new, daunting and overwhelming, and that’s ok. My first period was over 13 years ago, and unfortunately, being able to talk about menstruation without judgement hasn’t exactly come full circle, but it is getting there. Please be kind to yourself and don’t be afraid of your period. Gather your girlfriends up, tell them all about it, celebrate it and support each other through your first periods, because you’re all going to have a similar story to tell.

Love from, Adult Me

For any mums, dads, carers or guardians with children who may be close to experiencing their first period, reusable period underwear will be like a secret guardian for your child. They can be worn like regular underwear in the lead-up, and if the time does come unexpectedly, there’s a lesser chance of an accident. You can also get reusable pads that can be clipped into the Accalia underwear or your child’s regular underwear.

With so many people now choosing to do their research and find reusable, environmentally conscious products, period-proof underwear and accessories are such a fantastic idea, especially if that’s how you start your menstruation journey. Accalia offers some fantastic trial packs that can be an excellent starting point.

Our Accalia period underwear and accessories range can be purchased directly online and also with NDIS and various funding schemes. There are also select council rebates for the purchase of reusable sanitary items. Call your local council to see if there are any rebates available in your area.

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