After spending years as textile specialists developing absorbent reusable products primarily for incontinence for hospitals and home healthcare, it occurred to us, that our commitment to helping the environment by removing as many single-use products should be reaching further than just incontinence.

Proud of our achievements. 
Our company flagship brand Conni has become a household name in managing many situations such as toilet training toddlers, stress incontinence for the 1 in 3 women who deal with it daily and men after radical prostatectomy surgery just to name a few. We have never rested on our reputation as a global expert in absorbent textile products as we continue to evolve by listening to our customers and meeting their needs with products that work.

We listened.
Many of our customers, clinicians, and distributors have been asking us to develop products specifically to help with the management of menstruation. For many years our Conni underwear range has been used for menstruation, we know the technology works, however it was time to develop a product that was lighter weight and suited all ages.

We delivered.
Accalia was born. From idea to launch was approximately a 3-year process. Our team went through the exciting, lengthy process of designing and developing, sampling and testing, adjusting and more testing, until... finally we had our range. The name rose from the mystical writings about the twin brothers Romulus and Remus, abandoned to be raised by the she-wolf, Accalia, who nurtured the twins. This meaning behind Accalia really appealed to the view we had for our underwear, strong, protective and nurturing. Momentum really struck in the last year and the rest is history.

We are so proud to have developed another product range that will offer our customers support, comfort and peace of mind while caring for our precious environment. We are thrilled that you have come here to learn about us and hope you love our Accalia range as much as we do.